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NYC Regulation For OSHA.


The Local Law section "NO41" of the law that covers the 10 hour training is shown below:


The site safety plan shall include a statement that prior to performing any work on the project all workers shall have successfully completed, within the previous five calendar years, a ten hour course approved by the United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration in construction industry safety and health, or by the commissioner covering substantially the same material. Successful completion of such training course shall be evidenced by (a) presentation of a bona fide course completion card, (b) copy of such card, (c) a training roster, attendance record or other documentation from the certified trainer pending the issuance of such card or (d) other valid proof which may be approved by the commissioner.  See Local Law NO41 tab below for more information.

NYS Regulation For OSHA.


Requuirements for NYS Public Works Projects are as follows:


Every worker needs to be certified as having completed an OSHA compliant 10 hour safety training course on public work projects of $250,000 or more. The intent is to require that all employees of public work contractors receive such training “prior to the performing any work on the project.  See Regulation tab below for more information.

OSHA Wallet Cards & Certificates

If you need the OSHA 10/30 Hour Construction Safety Card for working in New York, you can get it with our construction safety online course.  But first you will need to manually Enroll with the link provided here: 





Workers in New York City that work on public work projects of $250,000 or more need to complete a 10 hour construction safety training course. Upon successful completion of the course, participants can immediately print a temporary certificate of completion.

You will also receive the Department of Labor (DOL) OSHA 10 Hour Construction wallet card in four to six weeks. Both can be used as proof of completion of the requirements for OSHA regulations and standards in 29 cfr 1926.  This OSHA regulation covers construction safety standards.

Contact A OSHA Trainer

We have an OSHA authorized trainer available to answer any questions you have during the course.  You may email Marie Athey, OHST, anytime by clicking this link:

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