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Nonstop Safety and Staff have extensive years of experience in the professional arena as administrative management consultants for the construction industry. Nonstop Safety prime responsibility will be to secure the workplace by performing hazard assessments, identifying risks, eliminating hazards, creating safety policies, and providing training and ongoing education about safety issues. Additionally, Nonstop Safety ensures all logs are updated daily and in compliance with all Department of Building Codes.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Develop and maintain an approved pre-fire plan at the construction site

  • Develop site specific safety plans and task hazard assessments

  • Conduct employee safety training and orientation

  • Ensure that construction site personnel are acquainted with the operation of portable fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipment on the construction site, that all fire protection equipment and systems are readily available, periodically inspected and tested, per the building code rules.

  • Oversee Safety monitoring and inspections

  • Attend project coordination meetings

  • Complete daily safety tasks and responsibilities

  • Maintain project safety records and stats

  • Implement accident management systems

  • Manage regulatory inspections

  • Provide OCIP Assistance

  • Oversee the issuance of authorizations for hot work operations in accordance with Chapter 26.

  • Conduct inspections of the construction site and all fire safety measures on a daily basis, and maintain a record in a bound log book or other approved system of record-keeping.

  • Oversee the general supervision of the fire guards where fire watch service is provided.

Nonstop Safety employs and provides the proper certified professional (NYC Certified Site Safety Manager/Coordinator, Fire Safety Manger, Fire Guard, Concrete Safety Manager, lift director, etc.) to manage safety for a project from Inception to Completion. We provide Full Time and Part Time Personnel.


Our Safety Managers enforce rules regarding wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), safeguard machinery, and maximize fall protection where necessary. Safety managers perform inspections, audits and tests to make sure equipment and machinery are functioning without defect.

                         Incident Reporting      

Our Safety Managers are in charge of receiving incident reports and investigating hazards. Work-related accidents, injuries and illnesses must be reported so that the safety manager can diffuse any safety risk on site.

                             Log-in Binders      

All information is logged in the daily logs; deficiency notices, recommendation logs, safety alerts, safety meetings & accident reports, and sent out electronically.


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